BT28-N: AFAR Rail Nuts


The BT28-N AFAR Rail Nuts are the same nuts used with the BT28 AFAR Rail Kit. They are 4041 Alloy Steel fasteners. The uniquely designed rectangle nuts fit both Freeland and Anschutz style rails by rotating them 90°. Sold as a pair.

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We suggest using Loctite 243 when installing.

While we referenced what we believed to be bonafied “Anschutz” and “Freeland” rails, we have had some customers with “Anschutz” and “Freeland” accessory rails that the BT28-N AFAR Rail Nuts do not fit. We strongly recommend that you reference the dimensions in the third image above for the BT28-N AFAR Rail Nuts to ensure proper fit of these nuts in the slot of your accessory rail. These are steel and can be modified to fit most any slot, but the decision and liability in doing so will be yours.

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