Disassembly Service for Your Atlas Bipod


For anyone that wishes to apply a finish to a currently owned B&T Atlas Bipod:

When applying an aftermarket finish that requires the use of heat or disassembly to any B&T Atlas Bipod, we respectfully ask that you send that product to us so we can properly disassemble and return all appropriate parts to you for application of the finish.

Once the finish is applied and the parts are returned to B&T, we will reassemble them to our specifications and ship it back to you. Please ensure parts are packaged appropriately to avoid any damage in transit. B&T will not be responsible for the finish or any damage to the finish.

Anyone that disassembles, loses or breaks any parts in an attempt to disassemble/reassemble their Atlas Bipod will be charged $105.00 plus parts minimum.

Anyone choosing not to use this service does so at their own risk and liability voiding the bipod’s Lifetime Warranty.

B&T Industries L.L.C. does not sell or ship parts.

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NOTE: The Atlas Bipod is manufactured with close tolerances. The amount of finish applied can prevent proper assembly and affect functionality. Pay particular attention to the inner legs and around the ball holes on the outer legs when applying a finish. If the finish is applied too thick, it will negatively impact assembly and functionality. If we encounter a heavy finish, we will have to remove the necessary amount of finish in these areas to allow proper function.

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