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Atlas Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about Atlas Bipods.

I got to spend sometime at the shop while picking up a few items. I can say they went above and beyond taking care of me. You couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of folks. Thanks for everything.

Jerry B.

Just got my BT10 in today. Super fast shipping. This thing is awesome. Coming from a cop with a background in manufacturing and design if I was going to build and design a bi-pod this would be it. Rock solid and over designed and over built (if there really is such a thing). If you are hesitant to purchase just pull the trigger. After all your supporting an American company and you can’t go wrong with the product.

Otto G.

Stellar product and super friendly people. I have two now and will have a third shortly.

Robert L.

Accu-Shot Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about Accu-Shot Monopods.

Accu-Shot worked great. I was able to sight in my new rifle in about half of the time, and I started shooting sub MOA groups almost immediately without having to take lots of extra time to adjust and readjust sandbags. Everyone on the Long Rifle Unit was calling me and sending me emails the next day for your website info so they could buy one.

Mike T.

I appreciate your good customer service! I heard about the monopod off of snipers paradise, or snipers hide, or some place like that. Thanks again, these are pretty nice parts!! I want to get it to the range. The local SWAT guys are shooting this Friday, I’m going to get mine to the guys and let them evaluate it.

Mitchell T.

The Accu-Shot™ is a must have for anyone interested in long range shooting. The Accu-Shot meets all the requirements to make it fit into the KISS model, simple, effective, smart.

Frank G. | SnipersHide