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David C. | Major, US Army Reserve

A couple years ago I received a burst of epiphany and placed my benchrest Harris bipod on the rear of my rifle and the mid range Harris on the front of my rifle to help steady my first varmint rifle. I found bags too much of a hassle to deal with on a range. I literally had to stretch my neck like E.T. to get to the scope, however, I did get extremely tight groups and a dead on zero.

Approximately 4-5 months ago I saw your product and thought, “Why the @#(*$ didn’t I thinkof that!” I placed an Accu-Shot on my Ruger M77 Mark 2 and loved it. Upon accessing your website I noticed that you had the AR15/M16 adapter and just rolled my eyes. As a Major in the Army Reserve, I know how valuable a good bipod can be for defensive positions. That has been known for years. With the addition of an Accu-Shot, a soldier can literally keep his weapon pointed on his “final protective fire azimuth” without undue fatigue.

Personally, I think you could market this product to the US Army and US Marines with great success.