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Kasey – got out to the rifle range today with my SWAT rifle, a rebuilt Rem 700 VS. This was the first try with the monopod. First shot from a clean, cold bore at 100 yards was within 1/8″ of dead center of the bullseye. Probably closer than that, but it was one of the best cold bore shots I’ve ever accomplished.

Went on to shoot a tight 1/2″ 3-shot group at 100 yards, then a 1.125″ group at 200, and a 2.625″ inch group at 300 yards, all with duty ammo. These are right up with some of the best groups I’ve ever shot with this rifle.

I was really impressed with how easy it was to make accurate shots and good groups. Particularly liked grasping the monopod in my “off” hand and snugging it into my shoulder pocket. This piece of gear fits the HS Precision stock very well. I think you’ve got a great future selling it to LE snipers, precision marksmen, and varmint hunters.