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SFC Andrew C. | Ft. Bragg, NC

What a great Idea! I first encountered your Mono-Pod while attending an H&K sniper event. Some of the police officers attending were using your Mono-Pods. Of course my partner and I scoffed at the idea of using an Accu-Shot at the time, boasting how much better the rear sand bag was. As soon as I returned home I tracked down an Accu-Shot Mono-Pod for my M24 and the results have been terrific. Now I’m sporting 3 of them. One for my work rifle … one for my Remington and the other for my Armalite AR10T.

From the prone position the mono-pod provides you with a rock solid steady position to mil accurately. The same goes with holding on stationary targets. If you’re familiar with Traversing and Elevation mechanisms from military machineguns, quick adjustments on the Mono-Pod knob will be very familiar to you for raising or lowering your rifle. The elevation adjustments are actually made very quickly once familiarized with the mechanism.

The mono-pod can also serve as a grip to seat the rifle firmly into the pocket of the shoulder allowing easy traverse of the rifle when firing moving targets. When firing in sniper competitions there will sometimes be limitation shooting events … getting more points for hitting the smallest possible target. I have found the mono-pod to aid tremendously during these events. As a matter of fact the last Special Operations Forces 2003 Competition held at Ft. Bragg, NC had quite a large showing of Accu-Shot Mono-Pods. Many of the M24’s and MK11’s had them mounted so obviously I’m not the only fan of the device.

The Accu-Shot Mono-Pod is a great Idea. I’ve heard the Mono-Pod is limited to prone shooting but so is the good ol’ sandbag. The Mono-Pod folds out of the way so as not to be intrusive while using other firing positions. I’m hooked on the Mono-Pod and you probably will be too!