BT79: Barrett® M107A1® Rail


The BT79 Barrett® M107A1® Rail is a 5-slotted 1913 Picatinny rail for direct installation to the Barrett® M107A1® providing the means to mount our Atlas Bipod Picatinny rail mounted bipods. It is also compatible with the Barrett® M82A1®.

The center-to-center hole spacing of 3.359″ fits the outer two holes of the existing three holes in the chassis. We strongly suggest that you measure the hole spacing on your rifle.

The center section is machined to Picatinny rail standards from 4140 cold finished steel with a maganese phosphate finish. Two 3/8-16 x 3/4” flat head cap screws are provided.

The original 11/16″ nuts and tooth lock washers are reused to complete assembly. An 11/16″ socket and ratchet wrench OR break-over bar and a 7/32” hex wrench is required for installation (none included). Check out installation instruction below. No modification needed.

  • Overall Length: 4.309″
  • Weight: 5.22 ounces

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BT79 Barrett® M107A1® Rail Installation Instructions:

  1. Ensure the firearm is NOT loaded.
  2. Remove the barrel and upper portion following manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Visually confirm the BT79 holes line up with those found on the Barrett® M107A1®.
  4. Using a 11/16″ socket and ratchet wrench OR breakover bar and a 7/32” hex wrench, disassemble the fasteners and remove the bipod. Do NOT discard the original 11/16″ nuts and tooth lock washers.
  5. Place the BT79 on the forearm and place one flat head cap screw (FHCS) through the hole. Slip a tooth lock washer onto the FHCS followed by the nut.
  6. Repeat #5 on the other end of the BT79.
  7. We recommend using Loctite® 263™ (not provided) on the threads following the manufacturer’s directions and cure times.
  8. Once both FHCS are installed, torque to 25-30 foot-pounds.
  9. Reassemble the barrel and upper portion to the lower portion following manufacturer’s directions.

Barrett® and M107A1® are Barrett Firearms Manufacturing trademarks.

What is the difference between their M107A1 and M82A1 rifles?

According to and to quote from Barrett’s FAQ webpage, “Actually, there are a couple of differences. The M107 is issued with “spike feet” bipods, and the 82A1 is issued with “smooth feet” bipods. Also, the M107 is issued with the monopod, but the monopod is optional for a Model 82A1.

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Weight 5.22 oz


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