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Installing and adjusting the ADM Lever


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  1. Before attempting to install your ADM mount, please take the time to ensure that your firearm is unloaded and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Please repeat number 1.
  3. Look over your ADM mount and become familiar with its components.
  4. Unlock the mount. To do this, depress the lock button and move the lever 180 degrees to the open position.
    ADM Mount
  5. Install the assembly onto the rail and move the lever to the locked position.
  6. Check the tension to close. The correct amount of tension is the maximum amount you apply with one hand to move the lever
    to a closed position. How much tension you prefer depends on your judgment and personal preference. Please remember that this system has much more surface contact than the competition, so you may not need to push the lever as hard to achieve the same result.
    ADM Mount
  7. To adjust the tension, move the lever to the open position and push the lever towards the base. This will make the adjustment nut protrude on the opposite side of the base. With the nut protruding, it may be turned to the right or the left to make the necessary adjustment. We recommend tightening one to two flats per time, then testing the tension. Since there are eight flats on the octagonal nut, this process may take a few tries to get it where you want it. You do not need any tools for this step.
    ADM Mount
  8. While utilizing a mount with vertical rings, please note to tighten the bottom screws first, then the top screws. There should be a slight gap between where the top of the rings meet when tightened properly. The torque rating for the ring screws is 20-25 innbs. max. For optics mounts, such as the AD-T1 series and other red dot mounts, there isn’t a torque rating. Simply snug the screws down a little more than finger tight. Over tightening of the small screws on optics such as the Aimpoint T1, risks stripping the threads and ruining the optic. The only threadlocker that American Defense recommends is VC-3 Vibra-Tite Threadmate. The use of any other threadlocker may cause damage to the mount and void the warranty.

Regarding the AD-SM series mounts:
DO NOT attempt to adjust or remove the bolt that holds the optic ring to the mount base on the AD-SM-01102/03 Series Mounts. Doing so will void the warranty. The bolt is permanently threadlocked into the ring. Attempting to adjust the bolt will cause it to break, damaging the mount.


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