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Arild D. | NORWAY

I have used your Accu-Shot since 2000 or 2001 I think. I had one of the first generation with the brass part. The product and concept worked as it was intended, but that lightweight blaser rifle in 8x68S recoils violently, at least as a 338wm. Some rather foul words was heard when I realized the rifle had damaged my Accu-Shot, I had to field repair it with some glue since the rubber loosened from the brass, and bored a splint through it. The problem was solved, worked ever since; this is a product I gladly will stand behind. A friend borrowed it, and I told him to keep it since I wanted the new version. I will contact my friend, and most likely he would like to have it professionally repaired. This tells me that you really stand behind your product, and I will be really happy to mount the newer type to my rifle. Outstanding piece of kit. Thank you very much. Best regards.