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I put the BT04 on my AR-15 with my varmint upper and the BT04 took a 1/4 MOA off my best group. I shot a 5-shot .331″ and my buddy shot a 4-shot .221″ at 100yds. Shot it out in the desert out of the back of my pickup. That might not sound spectacular, but I’m not a precision rifle guy. All I can say is the BT04 has definitely decreased the size of my groups. And Thanks again for your excellent customer service, you’ve gone above and beyond the kind of customer service guys like us are used to, when you run across a company like yours and talk to someone who has a genuine interest in meeting your needs, you really say WOW! You’ve gone the extra mile and have earned my business, thanks for having a great product. The prairie dogs out here won’t nearly be as appreciative.

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