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Mike M.

So I wanted to provide a quick (or maybe not so quick) review of my experience with B&T and the Atlas BiPod…

Did quite a bit of research and the Atlas was by far one of the most highly rated bipods out there. I took the plunge. When it arrived the quality was obvious, but I had one problem…the ADM Quick Release mount was out of spec (or so i thought). I did a couple of rounds of back and forth with Customer Support and there seemed to be some confusion. I ended up “shaving” the latch bar with a Dremel and VIOLA, problem solved. I loved the bipod so much that I overlooked this small problem, but I did write them expressing my concern given the price paid.

Well here is where the rubber meets the road… One of the owners called me! He spent significant time with me and we determined that is was my rail that was out of spec, NOT THIER PART. Oh the embarrassment. It doesn’t stop there. Kasey then took even more time to go through his inventory to see if had a part that might fit my slightly out of whack rail. Unfortunately he did not. THEN, he offered to shave one down to my spec. I declined because I already had done this to mine, but he insisted, shaved one down and shipped it out. During all of this, he was very proactive in reaching out to me when I was content to just let it go…it was my bad after all.

This to me is where a company earns it reputation. Stuff happens in manufacturing. Entitled Customers complain and he would have had every right to send me on my way as this was completely an error on my part.

To Kasey and all of B&T…Thank you. Customer Service at its best! I am a Customer for life!!