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MSG Karl E. | Ft. Campbell

1. I first saw the Accu-shot at the 1st Annual SOF Sniper Comp at Bragg. Two out of the three teams that beat mine, were using accu-shots.

2. It is like a mini-T&E for a sniper rifle. Everyone knows that shooting a machinegun is always more accurate from a tripod with T&E rather than just the bipod. This principle also applies to all other weapons. The Accu-shot fills this need.

3. The Barrett .50cal comes with a adjustable rear monopod, which greatly improves the firing. I had a lot of experience shooting the Barrett, and wanted to try the Accu-shot on my 7.62 Sniper Rifles. I was happily impressed with it. My unit will soon purchase an Accu-shot for each sniper, even if we have to out of our own pocket.

4. Once mounted, it only takes seconds to setup a rock solid shooting platform. This greatly improves the snipers ability to accurately range targets using their Mil-dot reticles. No more dragging a shooting sock around to sandbag the gun.

5. It can be easily removed for airborne operations.

6. After attending the Vegas SHOT Show, I’ve seen other copies of the Accu-shot, but NONE come close in performance.

Again, Kasey, thanks. If you haven’t already received the order for the 28 Accu-shots, let me know so I can light a fire under our money guy.

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