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Peter T.

The Accu-shot was the equipment hit of the course. It was hard to get students to part with one and let another student try it. By the end of the program, I think that nearly every student had a chance to use it for an hour or so. Overall response was excellent or better. I think this will generate several orders from the NY, NJ, CT and PA police departments. Thanks for the rush, it paid off. Peter T.

A note “Peter T.” submitted to another Instructor –

I had two ACCU-SHOT monopods, which I allowed the students to try instead of a rear bag or hand support on prone strings of fire when a sling was not mandated. The results were remarkable. This little device provides a degree of stability and precision that is greater than any other device I have ever encountered. It is limited to working on rather stationary targets when a prone supported position is used. But, it is out of the way when not needed and does not restrict the use of the rifle for other shooting positions or carry. Their website is: take a look if you are not familiar with the product. I first ran into these while teaching this spring in Israel.

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